About Us

What We Do

FSA Compare looks for the best Flexible Spending Account (FSA) products to help FSA holders get more from their money. Our team does the research and examines the products to give you a quick overview and a simple review of them. We do this to make product comparison simpler and decision making easier for you. Now you can easily find and compare the lowest-priced FSA-eligible products in one place.


Maximize the Use of Your FSA

Many of us have an FSA, an employee-benefit savings account that is non-taxable and can be used for healthcare and dependent care expenses. But if we don’t use it before the key date, we lose it, unless the plan has a carry-over provision. Therefore, take note of the deadline and make sure to put your FSA money to good use.


The Products Worth Every Penny

Only the top-rated FSA-eligible products available on the market are reviewed in FSA Compare.  To avoid being biased, we listen to the feedback of others about the products, may it be positive or negative. Our goal is to cut your time on research and help you spend your FSA funds wisely.


FSA Compare